africacruiser fotoshow

Fotos 11-13: The first Africacruiser slideshow in „Alte Liebe“ 18.03.2012.

Fotos 21-29: The second Africacruiser slideshow in“ Alte Liebe“ 15.04.2012.

The past winter we have been sorting and editing all the fotos of our africa travels and the video is also ready for showing. After all the questions asked about it, we like to invite family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and other Africa-fans to share our africa feelings with us in the friendly bar Alte Liebe in Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt.

We really enjoyed three (!) fotoshows with a bar full of friends in March and April 2012. Overwhelmed by your enthousiasm for the first show, we had to ask the owner for two more dates. Since we still have friends who want to see the fotos we have decided to do one more after the summer. This bar is not very big, has limited seats, and we want to keep it familiar. So if you like to join us, feel welcome and please let us know by sending us an E-mail.

Preview: The two africacruiser videos will go online soon via this website… feel welcome to come back for a visit!!

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