Tansania – Hakuna Matata

Tansania revisited, we are back in this country after visiting it three years ago. Then we were backpackers and now we have the luxury of travelling with our own car. And it feels good! Everything still Hakuna Matata, Pole Pole and Jambo! We took the border near the Kilimanjaro and stayed the night on it’s slopes in Marango. Such a fertile area and we drove an extra loop on the mountain through Banana and Coffee plantations to Moshi, where we had a Kilimanjaro beer on the same rooftop with Kili-view as three years ago.. Only difference is that this time the mountain was packed in clouds. We have decided to not visit the expensive National Parks here, because we have seen them already and this time we want to focus more on the parks in Southern Africa. So we took a not so common route from Arusha straight south to Iringa via Dodoma. That meant three days of bad unpaved roads, but we had the feeling of being in real Africa. Massai walking along the road or riding their bicycles J. Kids shouting and waving at the Mzungus driving by and some were even so shocked to see whities that they ran away.. J. Had an absolutely beautiful bushcamp with full moon in the middle of nowhere, see two photos: One sunrise and one with the car parked under a huge Baobab tree – we love the Baobabs!

In the south of Tansania we stayed at Bongo camp, a small campsite in the middle of a tiny farmers town. We are impressed by Kasper’s (Denmark) great social project that he has going there and were invited to visit the English course with the locals. Photos with the children are taken there. Kasper is looking for funding to start up a Kindergarten for the smallest kids (the direct neighbors) on their property.

Jambo to you all from Africa!!!

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