Egypt – Suez – Cairo

Western Sinai Coast is not very inviting, lots of industry, oil platforms, very few tourism and medium friendly people. After a night on a Resthouses parking lot we head up to Suez Channel. We skip the tunnel and take a 100 km extra to take the ferry. For ship lovers that we are this is a real highlight. Loads of huge vessels from everywhere in the world forming up to endless convois to pass that narrow channel. In fact it is not really wider than the river of Main! Our moments of joy are very short, the channel access is very limited and army protected like Fort Knox. We cross the channel on our tiny ferry inbetween the large seaships and then, yeah then the africacruisers eventually ended up in where they belong. Hello Africa!

Further up to Cairo. A huge and incredibly dirty city. Rivers filled with breathtaking garbage-smells and people living right in the middle of it. But its also a pleasant metropole on the Nile with thousands of years of history and the last remaining  antique world wonder. We had never been to Egypt before and of course we had to see the Pyramids and the Sphinx in Gizeh. And they are impressing! An amazing thought that travellers and adventurers not only of the past centuries but of the last fourthousand years were attracted by them and stood on the same spots as we did.

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