Turkey – Kappadokia

So what do you do after a few days of hanging on the beach of the med coast in the sun… Start our big white machine, and let it climb the Turkish coastal mountains into the interior!! According to the snorring sound and the black diesel fumes it was loving this climbing… and so did we both! The country changes often, the ride is great! Our goal in Kappadokia is (of course) Goereme.. Super scenery, rock cave ancient city, christians used to hide themselves and their churches in the caves, unbelievable views .. really a highlight! We found a good camping in town, spend a fun night drinking with two kiwi’s from london and a bit crazy bicyclists.. To all our „Streber“ sport friends back home: this couple rides their bicycles from London to Japan! (Will take about two years). We will (later) make a link to their website somewhere..

Turkey keeps surprising, very very positive.. About three more days in this country, then via the south-east med coast town of Ceflik towards the Syrian boarder..

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